Sunday, August 31, 2008

Malay Marriage Tradition

In Malaysia, we have many traditions from different culture. In Malays, when someone got married, there will always be the same of ceremony where the guys will wore 'Baju Melayu', Keris, Tanjak and same goes to the girls wore 'Baju Kurung', Tudung and so on. This is because of the tradition that has been in Malays blood since hundred years ago and it is a compulsory for those who wanted to get married apply to this tradiotion. The traditions in Malays marriage is still use by the newly weds nowadays and of course some of differences made according to changes era. This is some of the picture that has been taken by my cousin. Enjoy =) .

A bridegroom arrived at the bride house followed by family members. The guy who is next to the bridegroom is the groomsmen. Usually the bridegroom selects his closest friends and/or relatives to serve as a groomsmen.

These are a gift or also known as 'Hantaran' in Malay from the bride and bridegroom to each other. It can be anything and of course its like a tradition to give a 'hantaran'.

(expensive ring =D )

In Muslim's, its enforced on having 'Akad Nikah' before the married couple can be anounce as a husband and wife because its the main factor on getting married in Muslim's. The ring is the symbol of marriage for the bride and same goes to the bridegroom. After finishing the 'akad nikah' ceremony, we will now can pronounce them, husband and wife =) .

-Im using an ad populum appeal to tradition.

Coca Cola = Coke

On this advertising poster, it tells us about the Coca Cola product.

Premises 1 : Coke taste good.

Premises 2 : People enjoy drinking coke.

Conclusion : Coke is a nice drinking water.

The Coca Cola company try to persuade us as a customer to buy the coke product seems like it taste nice.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Manchester United Rock!

Man Utd logo

Winning Champions League Cup 07/08

Manchester United Stars

Manchester United football team.Who doesn’t know M.U football team? Even though we’re in Malaysia has a different culture or races or even opinions, but most of the football fans are agreed with Manchester United (M.U) football team (Contradictory Relationship). In our country, football is like makes the relationship between among the people to get close on each other. Everywhere, anywhere, anytime and at any place, there will be a conversation about football and most of it, Manchester United!


Yesterday, when I just arrived at my house ,I saw a guy climbed up the ladder and tried to change the light bulb. While I was taking my baggage and walked past near that guy ,I recognized him as my neighbor who had just moved below my apartment .I saw a small boy played around him, and I thought the boy might be his son. As I walked near to that boy, suddenly he asked me, “is that uncle an electrician? I think he is because he is now changing the bulb..” I just simply smiled and said “I have no idea kid.” . As far as I know, that guy was a soldier and left the service a few years ago. A small kid naturally can make his own decision or assumption basing on his experience and from what he saw.

-that kid are using Argument Based on Definition when he makes his own assumption that the guy might be someone else from what he’s doing.

My first blog for today =)

Sharp at 4 p.m, I went out and planned to buy a top up phone first before I buy my mother’s cooking stuff and after that I thought I want to go to CC(cyber café) to do my assignment. However, I decided not to go when I found out that the cyber café just next to the supermarket were closed and there is a paper attached to the door written ‘Close for an emergency’. Kind a tired for me to go out again after I go back home actually, but well, I have to and here I am, writing my blog =) .

- the usage of phrase ‘however’ which is in The Contrary Relationship and the word ‘first’ is The Sequential Relationship.

Friday, August 29, 2008


Do you know what clubbing is? a short brief about clubbing..a place for those people who wanted to enjoy,feel the music,dance and this is the positive attitude was.But,there is some of the negative part in the club which is drink alcoholic,take an ecstasy pill,drugs and also fighting among them.Why??This is the reason why I still keep my word where I will never go to clubbing ever again I put a picture just to show what is clubbing actually is:


(Interesting? =) )

(and this is what happend NEXT!ahahha)

I have a friends.A lot of friends.Some of them keep persuading me to go to the club and having fun.As he said , all our friends go clubbing mostly and it must be more interesting if I joined them rather than me sitting at my room and lock myself up.It's nice for me if I try to step my feet there,but,I think better don't.Just in case anything bad happend =D and as a good Muslim =) I will not ever again .

Actually I tried before,but it's just once in a lifetime. Quite funny,interesting and Im not addicted at all.Just to figure it out what makes my friends keep talking about clubbing and what did i saw?Just a tea(bir) that is so expensive per cup!ahahahahhaa!

-my friend are persuading me by using an ad populum appeal to common practice.

-My Roommate-

Hye there!the picture above shows you the face of my roommate..but not that girl!that guy actually...huhuh..Wan Amir Syafiq a.k.a keding@selut taken the picture with his dream girl Acha(actress/singer) ..

Just now I had an argument with him while Im doing my assignment when he was singing which is sounds like yelling!Then I yelled at him "Amir!please keep your voice low!" and he replies to me "It's not me the one who are yelling!But you're!"...Actually,we never had fight before and the argument was just the way we both talked and have fun with it..So,again,please don't get me wrong..Im a good person =P ..

- eventhough Selut haven't take Critical Thinking yet,but he's is actually use Tu Quoque fallacy which is means accuses another person of the same trait or characteristic that person has attributed to you.


This picture was brought to you by me..ahahaha =D ...
Isn't she beautiful?YES! =P..
Her name is Noor Fharina which I call 'sayang' everyday..(you got what I mean? =) ) ...I heart her so much since I met her.

To Fharina,you're an angel for me that guided me to study and behave well..yeah!

It's not that I want to show off or something,but this is for the sake of my assignment...So,don't get me wrong..=P

-The word angel that I used is related to BCT subject which is metaphor..

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dilemma on me =(

As you all know according to my title,Im not going to tell a story about Dilemma a song from Nelly featuring Kelly Rowland,but dilemma that I've just gone through this evening.So,don't get confused!ahahaha. The task for Critical Thinking that I just been told that really makes me feel bad because of the work that must be update everyday. This weekend I have to go back home to see my family to gather with my family but that does not bother me at all. What bothering me is I don't have the internet connection at my house!So how am I going to do my assignment!?!After the tutorial class,I went to see Madam Aznur that just had pregnant =) (congrats to you Madam) and ask her if I can skip the assignment untill I back to Cyberjaya and do my assignment.With a pretty smile on Madam Aznur face,she said 'no' or my marks will be deduct because of the sequence when I updating my blog. *sigh* . No longer happy face on me after that.I have to choose either go back home or stay in hostel do my assignment.It's hard to make a decision that is both are important.

Soon enough,Yans,my classmate ask me why I went to see lecturer and I told him from the beginning.Simply he told me that you can go to cc(cyber cafe) to surf my blog.Why I did not think about this before?!?ahahaha(don't think that Im stupid,because when you're in that situation,you'll feel the same way I do) =) ..I got my mood back!my crazy character back!ahahaha..As i get my mood back,I've got an idea where in that situation is the ad populum appeal to a false dilemma.Yes!I got another point to post today!ahahaha...thanks friend! =D

Lunched with my friends

As most of the students in MMU had their lunch at Terminal Cyberjaya, and same goes to me. After finishing the BCT class at 2p.m , I had lunch with med,alan and some other members. As usual,my food will always be the same type of dishes,cat fish(ikan keli) and some vegetables =) . While waiting the food to be serve, we talked all about the stuff that appear in our mind especially about Critical Thinking task that we had told during the BCT class and all the sudden my friend ,Fit@CrushezBOY,asked me a question that really makes me think that this is related to Critical Thinking.He said that "apiez,will you go to the Bobo's birthday celebration on next week?Because all of our friends confirming that they will go.So you have to go!" My friend use a leading question to persuade me to go.I was kind a shock and laughed all the sudden. I know that Fit@LoverBOY is teasing and make some jokes over me.Then, I realized that what just happened is related to the Critical Thinking which is leading question where the question that makes people will going to answer 'yes' no matter what. Thanks to Fit@RosesBOY for giving me an idea to post a first blog for today =) .At last,to my classmate for accounting,'re the cutest guy in MMU!! AHAHAHAH! =D


Greetings to all

Dear to all readers,this is my first time on writing a blog for my Critical Thinking Assignment. As a start,I would like to introduce myself.My name is Mohamad Hafiz b Mohd Anuar @ apiez-imago holding ID number 1061102438 and currently majoring in BBA Finance with Multimedia. Im located at Kota Damansara,Petaling Jaya,Selangor.Hope that you will enjoy surfing my blog =) .