Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Describing Image

I have an interesting idea here and its referring to Creative Writing Technique : The 'Unknown Biography'. All I have to do is just describe a picture of people, things, landscape or even view and brief what has happening before or after the picture were captured and also identify the identity or I can change the real identity of that person/thing.

This is a picture of archeologist travelling into the Gua Niah in Sarawak to find a bat nest. Before this guy fall into the hole, he actually danced and jumped for celebrating his success on discover a huge bat nest. To much rejoice, he finally fell down into the hole and stuck for hours. While waiting in suffered and hungry, a group of Iban people came and realize there is a man stuck in their cave and thought that the guy who stuck were enemy and planned to kill him. Luckily for him when the Iban's Chief recognize him while watched discovery channel last night. =)

This is a fake policeman trying to act like he is controlling the traffic and people thought that he is crazy person standing at the middle of the road. Before he came on the road, he is actually a pathetic fisherman that just failed to catch a fish and never had one in his entire life. This picture was taken by a amateur photographer and realize by the fake policeman. The photographer was beaten in front of everybody and suddenly the real policeman catch the crazy policeman and bring him to the jail. ahahaha.. =)

tired + having fun = enjoy =p

assignment-fasting-hungry-sleepy-when is break fasting time-shopping-hari raya-money-Mama-miss her-house-nice bed-my guitar-my songs-performance-just a dream-hungry-Mum's cook-blank-my handphone-haven't pray yet-my girl-camera-nikon D90-One Utama shopping complex-many people-my car-fuel price-tension-television-hostel-cigarette-fasting-blank......

This is actually what just came out from my mind and i just wrote it for fun and its free writing .

Pity my frens =D

Yesterday after finished my class, I went to the bazaar where people bought the food for break fasting. While I walked to my car, I received a call from Med asked me either I go to the bazaar or not. With no doubt, I just simply answered 'yes,and meet me at the usual place first' (Reconstruction:implicit conclusion) and assume that Med understood what I mean. What I mean at the usual place is front of the Cyberia shop and meet there before depart. As I arrived at front of the shop, I didn't see Med' car and wait about fifteen minutes until Med called me asked me where the hack I am. On the conversation Med said that he is now at the bazaar Putrajaya and at the usual place. Later than I realized that actually Med is misunderstood from what I said and its also my fault where I thought Med understood what I mean.