Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pity my frens =D

Yesterday after finished my class, I went to the bazaar where people bought the food for break fasting. While I walked to my car, I received a call from Med asked me either I go to the bazaar or not. With no doubt, I just simply answered 'yes,and meet me at the usual place first' (Reconstruction:implicit conclusion) and assume that Med understood what I mean. What I mean at the usual place is front of the Cyberia shop and meet there before depart. As I arrived at front of the shop, I didn't see Med' car and wait about fifteen minutes until Med called me asked me where the hack I am. On the conversation Med said that he is now at the bazaar Putrajaya and at the usual place. Later than I realized that actually Med is misunderstood from what I said and its also my fault where I thought Med understood what I mean.