Saturday, August 30, 2008

Manchester United Rock!

Man Utd logo

Winning Champions League Cup 07/08

Manchester United Stars

Manchester United football team.Who doesn’t know M.U football team? Even though we’re in Malaysia has a different culture or races or even opinions, but most of the football fans are agreed with Manchester United (M.U) football team (Contradictory Relationship). In our country, football is like makes the relationship between among the people to get close on each other. Everywhere, anywhere, anytime and at any place, there will be a conversation about football and most of it, Manchester United!


Yesterday, when I just arrived at my house ,I saw a guy climbed up the ladder and tried to change the light bulb. While I was taking my baggage and walked past near that guy ,I recognized him as my neighbor who had just moved below my apartment .I saw a small boy played around him, and I thought the boy might be his son. As I walked near to that boy, suddenly he asked me, “is that uncle an electrician? I think he is because he is now changing the bulb..” I just simply smiled and said “I have no idea kid.” . As far as I know, that guy was a soldier and left the service a few years ago. A small kid naturally can make his own decision or assumption basing on his experience and from what he saw.

-that kid are using Argument Based on Definition when he makes his own assumption that the guy might be someone else from what he’s doing.

My first blog for today =)

Sharp at 4 p.m, I went out and planned to buy a top up phone first before I buy my mother’s cooking stuff and after that I thought I want to go to CC(cyber café) to do my assignment. However, I decided not to go when I found out that the cyber café just next to the supermarket were closed and there is a paper attached to the door written ‘Close for an emergency’. Kind a tired for me to go out again after I go back home actually, but well, I have to and here I am, writing my blog =) .

- the usage of phrase ‘however’ which is in The Contrary Relationship and the word ‘first’ is The Sequential Relationship.