Friday, August 29, 2008


Do you know what clubbing is? a short brief about clubbing..a place for those people who wanted to enjoy,feel the music,dance and this is the positive attitude was.But,there is some of the negative part in the club which is drink alcoholic,take an ecstasy pill,drugs and also fighting among them.Why??This is the reason why I still keep my word where I will never go to clubbing ever again I put a picture just to show what is clubbing actually is:


(Interesting? =) )

(and this is what happend NEXT!ahahha)

I have a friends.A lot of friends.Some of them keep persuading me to go to the club and having fun.As he said , all our friends go clubbing mostly and it must be more interesting if I joined them rather than me sitting at my room and lock myself up.It's nice for me if I try to step my feet there,but,I think better don't.Just in case anything bad happend =D and as a good Muslim =) I will not ever again .

Actually I tried before,but it's just once in a lifetime. Quite funny,interesting and Im not addicted at all.Just to figure it out what makes my friends keep talking about clubbing and what did i saw?Just a tea(bir) that is so expensive per cup!ahahahahhaa!

-my friend are persuading me by using an ad populum appeal to common practice.

-My Roommate-

Hye there!the picture above shows you the face of my roommate..but not that girl!that guy actually...huhuh..Wan Amir Syafiq a.k.a keding@selut taken the picture with his dream girl Acha(actress/singer) ..

Just now I had an argument with him while Im doing my assignment when he was singing which is sounds like yelling!Then I yelled at him "Amir!please keep your voice low!" and he replies to me "It's not me the one who are yelling!But you're!"...Actually,we never had fight before and the argument was just the way we both talked and have fun with it..So,again,please don't get me wrong..Im a good person =P ..

- eventhough Selut haven't take Critical Thinking yet,but he's is actually use Tu Quoque fallacy which is means accuses another person of the same trait or characteristic that person has attributed to you.


This picture was brought to you by me..ahahaha =D ...
Isn't she beautiful?YES! =P..
Her name is Noor Fharina which I call 'sayang' everyday..(you got what I mean? =) ) ...I heart her so much since I met her.

To Fharina,you're an angel for me that guided me to study and behave well..yeah!

It's not that I want to show off or something,but this is for the sake of my assignment...So,don't get me wrong..=P

-The word angel that I used is related to BCT subject which is metaphor..