Tuesday, September 2, 2008


My friend Haikal (not a real name) is having a problem with his girlfriend where she dumped Haikal and ask for a break. The reasons why she's doing that, Haikal still haven't know yet. As a good friend of mine, I try to figure it out at the same time helping him what is actually happend. While I was thinking how can I investigate this thing, suddenly the D.A.I.D formula appear and makes me want to apply this method of solving problems. First thing that I do is to define the problem occured and it was a situation that need a explaination. The problem now is, Haikal has been left by his girlfriend but he still don't know why his girlfriend doing that. From the problem I analyse the problem by asking Haikal what happend in the past, is he ever did anything wrong before? or maybe that Haikal had fought with his girlfriend before? and I ask him again, is there still a hope that if the relationship is still going on, and both of you will going to be like usual or besides that?and if yes, I must find a solution to make thing back to normal.
In a way to find a solution, I have to identify and list down the possible solution that I can throw the problems away. I give an idea for Haikal to get back with his girl and apologies to her or wait until she came to Haikal back and she's the one who apologies. Other than that, just let things calm before take an action otherwise things might get worse. Finally, all the solutions that I just brought, Haikal must list the advantages and disadvantages before make any decision and he must choose the best solution which is the lowest of disadvantages and high of advantages. After a few month later, Haikal told me that he decided not to get back with his girl because the girl dumped him because of another guy. Well, that's a good decision that he ever made before and I think he's is fine now, I guess =) .

-Amazing Picture-

What can we describe from this picture? Well, a few things here I list what I see through the picture :

- crocodile.
- big rock downpour by the water.
- buddhist rock.
- big eyes of crocodile.
- timber.

and how about if I rotate the picture and you can see another images appear.

- statue a woman holding his child.
- rock island surrounded by sea.

Interesting isn't it? =) This is the Cognitive complexity.