Thursday, September 4, 2008


hey, I have something to discuss here. People nowadays are more comfortable making decision without figure it out first. What makes me saying that because of one of my friends easily presume that one of this twins is bad because the other twins always didn't do his assignment work according to rumors(fallacy of hasty generalization). Actually we have to investigate and find out either its true or just a bad rumors.

Low Carry Marks =(

Just now I opened the MMLS after I've been told that the carry marks have been uploaded by the lecturer. Unfortunately, it just 20% out of 50% (statistical arguments) marks that i got and yet still have another one more quiz to go for me to do.Wish me luck!!

In My Dreams!

It's nice after I'm having my break fasting meal just now. The moment that I've been waiting since afternoon where I wanted to tasted my F&N Grape while its still cold. What a marvelous moment if you're thirsty and drink a cold water that have a grape taste in it!huh! My stomach is full now and it's time for me to wash my hand. Ouh! I'm so lethargic and wish that my hand can walk and wash itself (paradox) even though I know its never gonna happen ..ahahah..kind a crazy the way I think after I ate a lot and felt sleepy. Grrr!

Can I be classified as a hardworking?

Here's a thing. Just now I went to see my advisor for my assessment for this trimester. Huh! I really makes my advisor disappointed because of C.G.P.A decline. I didn't keep my promises where I have to studied well last semester. Well, I do regret it actually.

After I've been scolded by my advisor and listen to his advise, I said to him that I am not going to promise him anything, but I will try my best and will never give up till I get the marks that I wish for. I can do this and do better than this.

My advisor give me an option either want me to regret the rest of my life or change my life and do better starting from now on. You guys out there, let's do it!yeah!

- I assume my self as one of the Characteristics of Creative People : creative people are hardworking.