Thursday, September 4, 2008

Can I be classified as a hardworking?

Here's a thing. Just now I went to see my advisor for my assessment for this trimester. Huh! I really makes my advisor disappointed because of C.G.P.A decline. I didn't keep my promises where I have to studied well last semester. Well, I do regret it actually.

After I've been scolded by my advisor and listen to his advise, I said to him that I am not going to promise him anything, but I will try my best and will never give up till I get the marks that I wish for. I can do this and do better than this.

My advisor give me an option either want me to regret the rest of my life or change my life and do better starting from now on. You guys out there, let's do it!yeah!

- I assume my self as one of the Characteristics of Creative People : creative people are hardworking.